How to Promote Your Coaching Business Through Social Media Marketing

Social networking sites are now some of the most visited in the online arena. Reports suggest that sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are attracting billions (yes, it’s with a B) of unique internet users every single day. This opens so much opportunities for people who are selling all sorts of stuffs in the world wide web.

In this article, I wish to help you use these sites in promoting and selling your very own coaching programs. Here’s what you need to do:

Facebook. Let’s start with the most popular social networking site today, shall we? It’s important to note that hundreds and thousands of people from across the globe are spending at least 2 hours per day on this site. That’s more than enough to educate them about your business and your programs, right? Start by getting your own account. This should be easy as the process of signing up is literally hassle-free. Provide all pertinent information about your business. Include your business phone number, site’s URL, and physical address. This will give your prospects a guarantee that you’re a legitimate eSeller. Then, build and expand your network of friends or fans. This may take a while but ensure that you “invite” only those that are qualified prospects. Then, make use of Facebook tools like pages and groups where you can post amazing content not just to educate your prospects but also to demonstrate your expertise in you niche. It’s important that you log in to your account several times a day (you can hire somebody to do this for you if you’ve got so much on your plate) to check messages and comments.

Twitter. Just like Facebook, Twitter is visited by millions of different people every single day. This makes it a great channel when you’re promoting anything. Signing up is relatively easy. I suggest that you register a name that best represent you as an online coach. You’ll need to get people to “follow” you so you can easily update them. Through this, you can announce your marketing gimmicks and you can insert links that will take your prospects to your articles, website, or blog. For best results, I would suggest that you jump into conversation as much as you can. Provide answers to questions and offer expert advice. It is through this that you’ll slowly be known in your online community as the go-to guy.

YouTube. You need to give your potential clients a proof that you can effectively coach them. So I suggest that you record some of your seminars and coaching sessions. Then, post them on YouTube. Through this, your prospects will get an idea about your coaching skills and your level of expertise. To get more attention, post videos that contain solutions to your prospects’ most pressing issues or answers to their burning questions. If these people were impressed with what you offer in your videos, you can be assured that they’ll consider doing business with you in the future.

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How To Succeed In Your Own Online Business

So you have decided to start your own online business. Or, maybe you have an online business or website that has been sitting idle for awhile now and you want to give it a jump start. Either way, there are a few areas to consider when you want to be successful in your business.

One of the most important things to consider is what do you want to accomplish? What do you want to do exactly? Do you want your online business to sell other company’s products, or do you want to sell your own? Are you going to provide a service? You need to be aware that the Internet is a wonderful arena for any business, but when it comes to online business, it is best to be prepared and that requires research above all else.

1. You need to research what the demand will be for your product and/or service.

2. Research the best ways to advertise your online business (your website) without breaking the bank

3. Research to find out who is your competition

4. Find out what they are doing that is making them successful

There are tools that can help you answer all of these questions without you having to track down the websites you ‘think’ will be your competition. I highly recommend getting good tools to help you do just that. Without these tools, you will spend hundreds to thousands of hours gathering imperfect information and, let’s face it, your time is much too valuable for you to waste it like that. It is better to make a small one-time investment in a good program that can automate this process for you which will save you time and money in the short and long term.

Let’s assume that you have got a top-notch program that gives you the knowledge you seek about the demand and competition related to your online business. The next step is to ensure that this knowledge is put to use to build a website for your online business that really accents your product/service and makes your online business stand out above the rest. This requires optimization so that your website will get noticed by the search engines, but it will also save you money.

That’s right, a highly optimized site will save you money because without it, you will pay a higher price when it comes to advertising your website to bring customers to your site. Again, there are very specific programs that become invaluable to you and will save you time and money.

Now, you have done the research, built and optimized your website, what next? Your business will most definitely only be successful when you get the right visitors to come in, take a look around and make a purchase or take some other action that you desire (i.e. makes you money). But guess what? Many visitors to your website will not take action immediately. The Internet is vast and most people online are searching and surfing randomly. They may be interested in what you have to offer in your online business, but they get distracted or don’t stick around long enough to really take advantage of all that your business has to offer.

Let me introduce to you one tool that you should, under no circumstances, ever be without: an autoresponder/email marketing service. An autorepsonder with email marketing capabilities will allow you to capture your visitors email, name, even address or other information (the program you decide on should be fully customizable). Then, you can take that information and send your visitor (now sales lead and potential customer) emails and newsletters explaining further about the product or service that your online business has to offer. You can even send them special offers from time to time… use your creativity to stay in communication and you will see your sales grow.

All of these tools will ensure your success in your online business. Use them to their fullest limits. By using these tools, you have added an entire staff of researchers, analysts, marketers, and sales people to your online business without the payroll! It’s really that simple – and smart.